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Glimpse Of World Cup 2014 By ESPN



‘MATCH 64’: The inside story of the 2010 Final

Say what you will about FIFA, they do make gorgeous World Cup documentaries, and this is no exception. As we approach yet another World Cup final, here is a chance to re-live some of the excitement of the South Africa 2010 dramatic World Cup final. Where for the first time in decades two teams that had never won a World Cup before came face to face with each other and fought tooth and nail for the Cup. Along with interviews with players, coaches, FIFA staff,  and South Africans, and a lot of interesting information and background story, there are some amazing shots of the final game fans missed the first time around. Although you may already know the game’s score and how the story played out, you will feel your pulse race guaranteed.



World Cup Team Profile: USA

I already miss the USMNT, don’t you?

Some interesting facts about the history of US soccer, with curious stats.



Germany national squad releases a video of their World Cup adventure.

Germany national squad releases a video of the highlights of their World Cup adventure so far. The Germans have been training in the town of Santa Cruz Cabrália in the state of Bahia in the northeast of Brazil.




I Believe – Mixed Berries

A great little song to cheer on the USMNT!

KickTV has a great series of videos of the Cup from the ground level:



Maradona Does Not Like Suarez Sanction (Spanish)

My favorite part of this video was to hear Uruguay president, José Mujica’s opinion. He said “We did not elect him (Suarez) to be a philosopher, or a mechanic, or to have good manners. He’s an excellent Player. They do not forgive the flaws he has.”

Also, may I ask, did the TV station decided to put all that makeup on Maradona’s face?

More in depth analysis of the Vampire.

Suarez Tells FIFA Bite Unintentional

FIFA Profiles Mexico


FIFA Profiles Brazil