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GoPro: Office Soccer+Passport Soccer Contest

I can’t get enough of these GoPro videos, they’re so cool!



If any of our readers out there has a GoPro camera and wants to shoot a cool video of themselves playing on their local pick up game or whatever, please send it to us. The best video gets published right here on our site and an autographed copy of my “Força, Neymar” drawing.



GoPro: Brasil Futebol – For the Love “Raízes” (Roots)


Soccer at the Za’atari Refugee Camp World Refugee Day on 20 June 2014

Text from the Save the Children Humanitarian Youtube page: This film was produced in Za’atari Refugee Camp with Syrian children who participate in activities run by Save the Children at child and youth centers in the camp, to commemorate World Refugee Day on 20 June 2014 and to celebrate the ongoing FIFA World Cup. It is set to the song “#Assaf360 (Yalla Yalla).”




ESPN Promo for USMNT


Lionel Messi vs Bosnia & Herzegovina FIFA World Cup 2014 – BBC

Lionel Messi vs Bosnia & Herzegovina (FIFA World Cup 2014) HD 720p By LionelMessi10i [SPECIAL EDITION] from FIFA World Cup 2014™ on Vimeo.


This is What Brazil Sounds Like When They Score in the World Cup

The sound is impressive, but what caught my attention even more was the empty streets. There is something eerily beautiful about an empty Sao Paulo in broad day light. Note that this is a city with a population of 11.3 million. Would love to see more pictures of Sao Paulo during the next game.


Robben vs. Ramos Speed

30 year old Arjen Robben achieved a top speed of 37 kilometers an hour in his spring against 28 year old Sergio Ramos.


Via: Telegraaf


Graffiti murals in Brazil show discontent with the World Cup.

More here:


Photo credit: © 2014 Imgur, LLC.

-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

FOCA Beer Registers Soccer as Religion


Mobilizing The 12th Man – Tunisian fan app

When soccer was banned, the fans cheered from afar to support their team. It made all the difference in the world.

-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho