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Germany national squad releases a video of their World Cup adventure.

Germany national squad releases a video of the highlights of their World Cup adventure so far. The Germans have been training in the town of Santa Cruz Cabrália in the state of Bahia in the northeast of Brazil.




GoPro: Brasil Futebol – For the Love “Raízes” (Roots)


KickTV has a great series of videos of the Cup from the ground level:



Jay Z’s Jungle Re-mix w/Beats by Dre

Graffiti murals in Brazil show discontent with the World Cup.

More here:


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-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

Dani Alves on the cover of Veja.

Daniel Alves on the cover of Brazilian magazine Veja, giving what is known in Brazil as a “banana” sign (which basically means: fuck off), and wearing a banana lapel pin. Loosely translated, the text on the cover reads: “Daniel Alves, from the Brazilian national squad and Barcelona, ate the banana, the racists from stadium slipped on the banana peel, and prejudice ended up with egg on its face, perhaps forever.” A campaign started by the Brazilian players that took off trending on twitter saw many of them pose with bananas and hashtags reading #somostodosmacacos or “we are all monkeys.”


– Marcos da Rocha Carvalho