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Más Cherano! Mascherano song in Spanish



The Rough Guide to Soccer Music

Musicians the world over are also soccer fans. And I’m not talking about the lame World Cup theme songs hackneyed talentless singers like Shakira and Ricky Martin sing every four years, I’m talking about heartfelt music by great artists who love the beautiful game. Whether it’s the great Jorge Ben in Brazil, Britain’s 80s icon New Order, or the music factory that is Buenos Aires’ slums which produce the unique sound of the cumbia villera, soccer has been the inspiration for many great songs. There are songs to extoll national squads, such as New Order’s anthem for En-ger-land whose video is chock-full of great footballers. Songs that talk about the simple joy of going to watch a soccer game live such as Skank’s “É Uma Partida de Futebol.” – It’s a soccer game – or the Argentine cumbia band Yerba Brava’s hit which celebrates the sheer fanaticism of the soccer fan; both songs mention fans dying for their teams. There are also songs that talk about specific soccer legends like Flamengo’s Fio Maravilha and the great Zico, known the world over as “The White Pelé.” In Cameroon, Pepe Kalle narrates the triumphs of the legendary Roger Milla, the man who single-handedly got Africa more slots in the World Cup. Milla is one of the most underrated contributors to the sport, except in his native Cameroon where he is a god.  Enjoy! And please feel free to add more songs on the comments sections, I’m always on the lookout for good music.






Roger Milla:


New Order:




Fio Maraviha:


Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home):




-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho