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What is PASSPORT soccer?
PASSPORT soccer is a blog that bridges my passion for art and my love for soccer.

What does PASSPORT soccer do?

We have created a series of limited edition soccer balls designed by artists. Our first series features the work of, Monica Boluto, George Davis, and Edgar D. Acevedo. Only five hundred balls per design will be manufactured.

The word PASSPORT refers to the international nature of the game. Say that you travel to a foreign country with the intention of making friends and learning about a culture. Yet, you don’t speak the language, you’re not familiar with the traditions. Finding a local pick up soccer game would be a great way to begin. This is when the soccer ball becomes your PASSPORT. Your way in. It becomes a common language and a common culture.

We also enjoy the play on the word PASS-SPORT as in the sport of passing.

How much are the balls?
The balls are $40 US plus shipping and handling. Every ball comes with its own bag and print.

What about the quality of the balls?
All PASSPORT balls are high quality match balls. They have been rigorously tested by an independent lab to comply with the certification requirements by the NFHS.

I’m an artist, can I submit graphics for a ball?
Absolutely. However we recommend that you send us a link to your on line portfolio before you put any effort into creating a design. Though we will be more than happy to consider all submissions we will ultimately select only those submissions that best suit our criteria. (read below)

What do you look for in an artist?
Though not always, we tend to like experienced artists who have develop a personal style. It helps if the artist has a web site, blog, or some form of online portfolio presence.

Do you pay the artist?
Absolutely. However we do not have a flat rate. We deal with every artist compensation on an individual basis.

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