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Neymar Jr Message After Injury vs Colombia | World Cup 2014



GoPro: Brasil Futebol – For the Love “Aspiração”

Cool GoPro video shows how soccer is part of a Brazilian kid’s childhood.






Soccer Samurai!



World Cup Animal Allstars

The very talented and creative folks at Splinter from Liverpool have created this amazing set of World Cup Animal Allstars representing the different qualifying nations via their national animals. They are simple, elegant, and full of vibrant colors. I would like to personally thank Jon Raffe, Head of Digital, for allowing us to upload these beautiful images here on our blog. To view the rest of them, please visit this page. And to see these cool critters interact with each other in animated fashion as the games progress during the Cup, please visit here.



ecuador uruguay







Slo-mo Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Iniesta.




McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup – Brazil 2014




Atlético de Madrid’s New Stadium

3D rendering of the new project:


– Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

Der Spiegel’s World Cup-Themed Cover

Cover of German magazine Der Spiegel reads “Death and Games.” Article warns of the unmitigated disaster that might be the coming World Cup in Brazil, and details the failures in preparing for the World Cup that could make it a massive fiasco. It also details the very real safety concerns of German fans.



Cover is copyright of Der Spiegel ©2014

I found out today that FIFA only required 8 cities in Brazil to host the games, but the government insisted that it be played in 12 different cities, including some that have no first division teams. This insistence doubled the cost of the World Cup and is responsible for the white elephant stadiums that will never be used again such as the ones in Manaus and Brasília. This will also force fans to engage in lengthy travel to cities that have shoddy airport infrastructure. This isn’t going to be a World Cup to remember; it’s going to be a nightmare for those attending, and one Brazil will take decades to wake up from.


– Marcos da Rocha Carvalho


Soccer is conquering the US. Again.

The New York Times recently published an article about how soccer is becoming popular in New York.

To find out about how football first conquered America. Check out:
Once In A Lifetime: (The Extraordinary Story of The New York Cosmos)

What do Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer, George Best and Carlos Alberto all have in common? At one point these giants of football all played for New York City’s Cosmos.