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Clint Dempsey is a rapper!!!

He calls himself Deuce, but it’s Dempsey all the way:




Pixars Despicable Minions Play Soccer


World Cup Cut Up

Made by Eclectic Method

World Cup Cut Up from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


Video Game Scenes from Movie Her – Director David O’Reilly

Via: Motionographer


Jay Z’s Jungle Re-mix w/Beats by Dre


What would happen if England actually won the World Cup you may ask? Click here, scroll down, and find out. Too funny.





World Cup ad by Beats By Dre




Graffiti murals in Brazil show discontent with the World Cup.

More here:


Photo credit: © 2014 Imgur, LLC.

-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

Mobilizing The 12th Man – Tunisian fan app

When soccer was banned, the fans cheered from afar to support their team. It made all the difference in the world.

-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

Soccer Nations Dogs

Dogs dressed in the uniforms of their World Cup national squad.


Brazilian Mastiff
©2014 Life on White