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Edgar D. Acevedo

Country of origin: Puerto Rico
Graphic title: Spades Striker
Price: $40 U.S.

Born in Puerto Rico, where soccer has traditionally been dwarfed by basketball, volleyball and baseball, Edgar did not start playing soccer until he moved to California at the age of 29. An interest in a variety of art disciplines, and a sudden love for the sport soon brought about what he likes to call “the PASSPORT project”. Edgar is currently working as a 3D artist for a game developer in San Diego, California.

In two words, describe yourself as a designer. Journey of discovery. Best I can do is three words.

What are some of your influences artistically? Any influential artists in your life? Influences come to in all sorts of ways, shapes, and forms. From things I read, the radio, experiences, etc. As far as artists, I tend to like little known artists who led interesting lives. Names like Carlo Mollino and Paolo Soleri come to mind.
Who influences more people, Pele or Picasso? I would think Pele.

How important is an art education for an artist? It depends on the person. I know successful artists that didn’t attend college or an art school. I don’t know if I could have become a 3D artist without access to the hardware, software, and time in a computer lab. In my case I think it was money well spent. The contacts I made in school have been very helpful over time.

If you could choose between being an influential artist, or a professional soccer player, what would you choose? I have many artist friends so, I guess I am more curious about what the life of a pro soccer player would be like.

Have you ever stolen anything? (Laughs) No comment. When I was a teenager back in Puerto Rico my friends from the neighborhood would take wood from a neighboring storage warehouse to build ramps for skakeboarding. I did help carry the wood back to our park so, I guess I had an active role. I can’t believe we never got caught. I mean, we built a half pipe!

You have worked as a motion graphics artist, and video game artist, how have of these experiences influenced you as an artist? They both have been fantastic experiences. MG is about exploration through visual elements, time and sound. MG allows the artist a lot of creative freedom. Making art for a game on the other hand is about studying a subject and rendering the most accurate representation of it in 3D. Attention to detail is imperative in game development. So is a degree of technical expertise.

How did the idea of PASSPORT soccer come about? I’ve always loved art. I only started playing soccer at the age of 29, and almost immediately I fell in love with the game. Being an artist I began to look at the game from an artist perspective. Soccer balls soon caught my attention. For the most part they felt rather dull and lacking character. So one day I began to design a soccer ball. This first ball design soon evolved into the Passport Soccer project.

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