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Beautiful Logo, Beautiful Mission, Beautiful Game


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About a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Drew Chafetz: social entrepreneur, CEO of love.fútbol, and all-around good guy. If you don’t know love.fútbol, here is a little blurb: love.fútbol partners with and empowers underserved communities to build soccer fields for youth without safe places to play. In his travels as a kid, Drew played soccer with other kids and found that they will play wherever they can. Sometimes, “wherever they can”, is a dangerous and hazardous landscape.

Drew’s sister, Maria Chafetz, created a beautiful logo that reflects the organization’s mission. The soccer field is imperfect, longer on one side than the other, the boundary lines aren’t straight, but the space is safe and inclusive, which is all these kids really need. The point of love.futból is not to create FIFA-regulation pitches. Instead the goal is to harness the power of local communities in getting together and building simple, safe spaces  for kids to engage in their passion for the beautiful game where once there were unlit, garbage-strewn, dark lots. As Drew puts it: imperfect spaces that serve perfectly. The midfield circle is the dot in love.futból, which signifies the meeting place of cultures, and the ‘l’s are the goal posts. The red corner flag is there to show that this is something really special, which makes sense, considering how often goals are scored from that exact position.

Having partnered with Coca-Cola and attracted the support of footballers such as Inter Milan/Brazilian national squad starter Hernanes, love.fútbol has already positively impacted communities in Brazil and Guatemala. I have no doubt that in the future we will hear stories about footballer superstars who began their careers in one of these beautifully imperfect pitches. If you would like to get involved with or donate to this wonderful organization, please visit them at

Here’s a cool video about love.futból:

And drew asked me to share this video with you:

 -Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

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