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Canada Bids for 2026 FIFA World Cup

Hosting the World Cup could be the best thing to happen to Canadian soccer in a long time. With its beautiful summer weather, world class facilities, and hospitable people, it could shape up to be a fantastic event.

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Thierry Henry – from Barça to the NY Red Bulls

If you have Netflix, this Thierry Henry movie is now available for streaming, traces his days at Barça to his move to the Red Bulls:


Cesc Fàbregas & Beats by Dre

Madrid fans are all up in arms over the new ad by California’s own Beats by Dre featuring the great Cesc Fàbregas. During the ad, Madrid fans can be seen/heard chanting “Puta Barça, Puta Catalonia”, a brutish and ugly twist on the Barça fans’ commonly heard “Visca el Barça, i visca Catalunya!” chant , roughly: “long live Barça and long live Catalonia.” This isn’t fiction, Madrid fans have been known to behave in this manner, it’s a great commercial, see here for yourself:



The “controversy” has lead Beats by Dre and Cesc to post the following on their facebook pages:

Beats would like to reiterate that the scenes in our new commercial starring Cesc Fàbregas are purely fictional. The images in the commercial do not reflect real images. The views and thoughts of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid have not been involved or consulted in the making of this advert.

And all this on this on the day Barça and Real face off once again. Enjoy the game!


-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho

Thierry Henry Recipient of 2014 Charles de Ferry de Fontnouvelle Award

The Lycée Français annual gala honors Thierry Henry.


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The Agony of Defeat

Interesting subject for a Tumblr. Check it.


World Cup Posters From The Past

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NYC Football Club Logo Selection Vote

Allowing the public to have a voice is a great way to build a fan base. I hope Miami FC takes note of this.


Short by Carlos Serrao Featuring Robbie Rogers, for Flaunt

CARLOS SERRAO // Robbie Rogers for Flaunt from Terrie Tanaka Management on Vimeo.

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Next Goal Wins – Movie Trailer

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Do whatever it takes to get Gedion Zelalem to the US National Team

A petition directed to president Obama has recently been created on to “do whatever it takes to get Gedion Zelalem to the US National Team.” It may be the single most epic petition ever created, and it already has over 1,000 signatures, read the text below:

“Let’s be honest. Soccer in the United States has come a long way, but that doesn’t mean we’re beneath using any tactic possible to convince players to join the US National Team. 

With that in mind, it’s time to petition Barack Obama and Sunil Gulati to do whatever it takes to get Gedion Zelalem to the US National Team. Does that mean we’ll have to fast-track citizenship? So be it. Does that mean we’ll have to grease a few palms to get a passport for Gedion? I’m sure we could find a few crooked congressmen. Is Gedion Zelalem even eligible for the US National Team? Who knows? 

Let’s break every rule and fully embrace as much governmental corruption as it takes to get Gedion Zelalem to the US National Team. The children are our future.

Barack Obama
Sunil Gulati
We appreciate your positions as leaders of our nation, and we humbly ask you to turn your back on ethics and morality and do whatever it takes to get Gedion Zelalem to the US National Team. Because if we can’t have him, someone else will take him. And they’ll probably be Communists.”

What would drive such awesomeness? Sure, Gedion Zelalem has tons of talent. Some have even gone so far as to call the Arsenal midfielder a budding Messi in the making, or at least the best thing to come out of Arsenal since Cesc Fábregas. He has a US Green Card, but is not yet a citizen. He is, however, both a German and an Ethiopian citizen, and has been courted by both nations to play for their national squads. Landon Donovan has recently stated that the reason the US’s group is the group of death, is because the US national team is in it. Some may call this bravado, but against Germany, Portugal, and US arch-rival Ghana, the US could definitely use some of Gedion’s magic moves. Check him out here:


-Marcos da Rocha Carvalho