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EPL Finances – Club by Club Breakdow

This article in the Guardian has a club by club breakdown of the financial figures for 2011-12, for clubs that were in the EPL during the 2010-11 season in alphabetical order, starting with Arsenal. Interesting article for anyone into numbers.


Ownership: Arsenal Holdings PLC major shareholders are: Kroenke Sports Enterprises UK (registered in Delaware, owned by US resident Stan Kroenke) 62%, Red and White Securities Limited (registered in Jersey, owned by Russian resident Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri) 29.9%

Turnover: 3rd highest in league, £245m (down from £258m in 2011)

Gate and matchday income: £95m

TV and broadcasting: £85m

Retail: £18m

Commercial: £34m

Property Development: £8m

Player Trading: £3m

Wage bill: 4th highest, £143m (up from £124m)

Wages as proportion of turnover: 58%

Profit before tax: £37m (up from £15m)

Net debt: £98m

Interest payable: £15m

Highest-paid director: Ivan Gazidis, £2.05m

State they’re in:

The year fans voiced discontent with what they receive for their £95m matchday outlay. Arsenal were until very recently hailed as an ideal club, their policy of US owner Stan Kroenke putting no money in lauded as a “self-sustaining model”. Many supporters now view that as meaning they fund the club, to bank profits at the expense of football success. The £3m player trading figure within Arsenal’s turnover is an accountancy device that does not reflect the £65m profit made selling stars including Cesc Fàbregas, Samir Nasri and Gaël Clichy. Arsenal’s “model” has not been hailed much since.

Click here to see the others.

Via: The Guardian

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