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Awesome Metalhead Kids

Brazil Protests

Impressive pictures of the protests taking place now in Brazil. As far as I understand people are rallying against corruption and to improve the quality of life of the poor. With the eyes of the world now in Brazil following the Confederations Cup, the timing of these protests is no accident.

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Pictures from AFR.

How Long Before We Begin Making Our Own Shoes?

Nike manufactured the bottom plate of this new Vapor cleat using something called Selective Laser Sintering, with a 3D printer. Looks like these rapid prototyping machines are quickly allowing designers to experiment with new methods of manufacturing.

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Crudeli al Gol di Balotelli

What’s cooler than a goal by Super Mario? Listening to Tiziano Crudeli celebrating a gol by Super Mario.
Forza Italia!

Youth Lagoon, Mute – Music Video

Via: Fecal Face

Spain U21 Vs Netherlands U21 3-0 – Highlights

Spain v. Russia U21

Elegant soccer footage, edited to a cool track by Systremo, edited by XavierGooner14

Via: Reddit/r/soccer

Leo Foot Skills

Girls From Barca Rule

Spomeniks By Photographer Jan Kempenaers

Photographer Jan Kempenaers London exhibit is about these fantastic World War II era sculptures found in former Yugoslavia territories called Spomeniks. These sculptures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito to many artist, and architects. They were placed in areas where World War II battles took place. The work Spomenik literary means monument. The photography exhibit begins June 12, 2013.

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