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Soccer Fields of Brazil by AP Photographer Felipe Dana

“With the Confederations Cup opening this week and the World Cup one year away, all eyes are on Brazil, where soccer is arguably played with more passion and art than anywhere else. Here’s a glimpse at some of Brazil’s overlooked soccer competitions — those of Rio de Janeiro’s slums.”

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Via: Washington Post

Skilled Young Film Maker | Soccer Player

Great short by Tayross09, a skilled soccer player, student and film maker.

Will Johnson Goal – Portland Timbers

Via: Reddit/r/soccer

Fckthannoise – E30 Car Vid

Still trying to figure out who is this song by.
Fun little vid.

Thin White Line – New Soccer Zine

Looks like a neat publication.
I’m in.

Via: The Offside Rules

60 Thousand People Singing Brazilian National Anthem

This video will give you the chills.

Via: Business Insider

Zlatan Stuns England

The Division – Ubisoft | Massive Entertainment

The Division was one of the coolest projects announced at E3. This teaser was put together by Antibody Film Lab for Ubisoft.

Tom Clancy’s The Division from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

St. Pauli Fans Have a Facebook Page

If you’re having one of those “Fuck the system” days the St. Pauli Ultras Facebook page is just one click away.


Not Going to The World Cup