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Back to the Future – Photography Project

Manchester City Limited Edition Posters – Manhattan and Brooklyn

The Act of Killing – Movie Trailer

New York City F.C. – Time Magazine

Principles hold New York City FC T-shirts at news conference in New York

Time magazine article about the new MLS expansion, New York City F.C.

“This is oil money and then some. Mansour, who is worth about $5 billion, spent $315 million five years ago to buy control of Man City and has since plunked more than twice that buying players for City. The spending culminated in a league championship last year. Buying players to win championships. Does that sound familiar, Yankee fans?”

“In the Yankees, Man City has a local partner with a big bat who knows how to play zoning board hardball. The new $1 billion Yankee Stadium, constructed across the street from the original on 161 St. in the Bronx (which was built in 1922-23 for $2.5 million by Yankee owners Tillinghast l’Hommedieu Huston and Jacob Ruppert), required an arduous process of negotiation, threat, and neighborhood arm twisting before it was completed.”

“In listening to Soriano and Yankee executives discuss the new franchise, you get the sense that New York is just becoming a soccer town. Which is not true. New York was always a soccer town, just not at the glamour level.”


From Dortmund with Love

Dortmund F.C. may have lost the UEFA final, but they surely won many English fans with this clever media campaign. Well played team.




Hercules Gomez

Via: The Offside Rules

Pittsburg Steel Army

Via: The Offside Rules

America vs. Cruz Azul – Mexical Soccer Final

Soccer USA – The Economist

” More high-schoolers play soccer than baseball. Attendance at MLS matches, which was 5% higher last season than in 2011, is higher than at National Hockey League and National Basketball Association games.”

Link to article at The Econimist.

New York City F.C. – MLS Expansion

New York city gets a new MLS team, and it’s not the New York Cosmos? I didn’t see that coming. Given that this is a partnership with Manchester City F.C. and the New York Yankees, I expect this team to start off with lots of fire power in their roster.

Via: AP