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Genetically Modified Gas, By Santosh Kale

I have known Santosh Kale since we attended SCAD back in 1996. Santosh quiet demeanor contrasts sharply with his dynamic and powerful art style. The best way I can describe his artwork is, bundles of energy that he carefully shapes and crafts into a beautiful forms. Every single piece of art that I have seen Santosh create is highly energetic, bordering on chaotic.

His most recent animated short, Genetically Modified Gas, explores the effects of genetically modified food on breaking wind. This piece was awarded Best entry received in India, at the Getty Images MISHMASH Remix challenge. Other works such as my personal favorite, Killing the Fittest suggest that scientific themes seem to capture Kale’s imagination.

Santosh and his wife, film maker Kavita Singh Kale, now run their own animation studio called Underground Worm.

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