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The Hyena Men of Abuja, Nigeria – By Photographer Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo tells the story of the time he spent with The Hyena Men of Abuja, a family of performers who use hyenas to entertain crowds and sell traditional medicine. The photographs are stunning.

Via: Pieter Hugo

Random Soccer Photos From Around the World

MaracanĂ£ stadium preparations for the World Cup 2014.

Sky Reporter Asks Peter Crouch

– So Peter, What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?

-A Virgin.

More Crosses Drop in Russia, Two Members of Pussy Riot Escape

Since FEMEN cut down the first cross in the Ukraine to show solidarity with the punk band Pussy Riot, more crosses have began to fall in different parts of Russia, suggesting that the Pussy Riot issue is quickly turning a growing number of feminist activists against the Eastern Orthodox church.

Meanwhile two members of Pussy Riot fled Russia to avoid incarceration.

Via: The Moscow Times, RT

Photo by: Arkhangelsk Bishopric

Nico Lopez, Debut Goal for Roma

ROMA – Catania (NICO LOPEZ GOAL) by asroma-ks

Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps – Highlights

Ajax – NAC Breda 5-0 – Highlights

Full Kit Wankers

A Full Kit Wanker is a Soccer aficionado who sports a complete soccer kit while not playing soccer. The term was coined by Oscar160974 on Twitter . It didn’t take long before a blogger took notice. The pictures are great.

Via: Showcasing

Royal Headache, Girls – Music Video

Chinatown SC – Adidas | Vice Production