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Random Soccer Photos From Around the World

Detective God – Animated Series

Another interesting animated piece by monsieur Jérémie Périn.

Via: QBN

George Best Style Guide and Identity

Every once in a while an athlete’s image will transcend the world of sports and become iconic. That is the case of George Best. This style guide was created by raw design studio, for IMG.

“The George Best style guide was created for IMG to help celebrate Best’s great style and talent, and encourage brands and retailers to take his iconic status forward through a range of products and business ventures. Taking inspiration from George’s love of fashion and craftsmanship, the cover was side stitched and foil blocked to give the guide a suitably stylish feel.”

Phlegm – Artist

Awesome Mural by Phlegm.

The Crossbar Challenge

What Makes a Great Coach

Jerzy Dudek, talking about Jose Mourinho and the locker room atmosphere after the match lost by 5-0 against Barcelona in his book, Under Pressure. For whatever reason I can’t find a link to said book.

Free Kick

Return of the King

A video tribute to Thierry Henry’s resturn to Arsenal earlier this year.

The Soccer Girls? “All Hot, and They Dress Like Rock Stars”

What happens at the Olympic Village stays at the Olympic Village, is the unwritten rule at the games.
ESPN article.

Barcelona Training