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Italy vs. germany – Balotelli Highlight

Noel Gallagher Interviews Mario Balotelli – March 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Movie Trailer

River Plate – Documentary

Sundays – Post Panic, Kickstarter Project

In 1999 I read an article on Wired magazine in which Sony engineer Hiroaki Kitano predicted that by 2050 a team of robots would challenge the winner of the FIFA World Cup and win. I never forgot that.

A year ago learned about the concept of Singularity on a Time magazine article. Singularity is the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence via technology. I also found out about the Singularity Institute, a group who’s objective is to ensure that once computers become smarter than humans they won’t kill us. 🙂 How cool is that.

Tonight I found out that PostPanic is making a science fiction movie about this very subject called Sundays, and it looks stunning. Check out the Sundays Kickstarter page for more information and some of the concept art by Mischa Rozema.

Abandoned Football Stadium Firs Park

A beautiful video by Abandoned Scotland.

“Firs Park became the home the Shire in 1921 after moving from their former ground, Merchiston Park in Bainsford which they had played on since 1907. Due to the prohibitive costs of improving facilities at the ground and in line with new regulations set by the Scottish Football Association, the club decided to leave Firs Park in the summer of 2008.”

Music is by Amman and Josh (Feat Hammock) – Melting the Frozen Sea Within Us

Via: Abandoned Scotland

Classic E30, Savannah GA

A short documentary piece about a classic car.

Random Soccer Photos From Around the World

This is the Portland Timbers Tifo.

Via: The Offside Rules

Luca Toni Vs. Ribery

Via: Reddit

Random Soccer Photos From Around the World

1935 FA Cup Final.

Via: Reddit