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Soccer Ball to the Face in Slow Motion

Boy – Movie Trailer

2010 World Cup’s Most Shocking Moments

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The Chance, by Nike

The Chance is Nike Football’s global competition seeking out the next wave of hungry young footballers.
Nike scouts are on the hunt in more than 50 countries to find 100 potential champions to battle it out at the Global Final in Barcelona.”

Neo Conquistadores Nike by José Cabral O Alfaiate Lisboeta

Via: Invent Football

Timelapsing and Tilt-shifting in Portland with the Timbers

Via: Invent Football

Minotaure, by Alexandre Louvenaz

San Diego Boca FC v Phoenix Mansoon – Pictures

I was invited to attend one of the 1st qualifier games for the US Open Cup, a match between the San Diego Boca F.C. and the Phoenix Monsoon F.C. This game had everything a soccer fan would ever want to witness in a match. A high scoring game that went into over time, an amazing comeback by the home team, and plenty of good, fast paced soccer. Here are the pictures I shot while attending the game.

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St. Pauli FM

Can you think of a club more suited to run a radio station than St. Pauli? This station is everything you would expect from a club with such a strong culture. I am very impressed with the music I have heard here, and even more with the new music I have discovered on this cool radio station. Give it a try.

And if you happen to speak German check out the station blog.

Genetically Modified Gas, By Santosh Kale

I have known Santosh Kale since we attended SCAD back in 1996. Santosh quiet demeanor contrasts sharply with his dynamic and powerful art style. The best way I can describe his artwork is, bundles of energy that he carefully shapes and crafts into a beautiful forms. Every single piece of art that I have seen Santosh create is highly energetic, bordering on chaotic.

His most recent animated short, Genetically Modified Gas, explores the effects of genetically modified food on breaking wind. This piece was awarded Best entry received in India, at the Getty Images MISHMASH Remix challenge. Other works such as my personal favorite, Killing the Fittest suggest that scientific themes seem to capture Kale’s imagination.

Santosh and his wife, film maker Kavita Singh Kale, now run their own animation studio called Underground Worm.
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