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Ochocinco in Madrid

I’m loving the latest tweets from my favorite NFL player Chad Ochocinco about his visit to Spain. The NFL star has been hanging out in Madrid with his buddy Cristiano Ronaldo, entertaining thoughts of training with the team, and wondering about the potential conflict of interest given that Real Madrid is sponsored by Adidas and he is sponsored by Reebok. (Someone should tell him that Adidas owns Reebok.)

He has tweeted:

#random I’ve a trial with Real Madrid after my [ankle] surgery, would they really sign me with no professional experience? I’m just fast as hell.

Other than Ochocinco’s accounts of his days as a soccer player in high school there is little evidence of his skills, or lack of skills, leaving a lot of room for speculation. Could this be another Deion Sanders in the making? I would be more inclined to take his interest in professional soccer seriously if he was talking about joining the MLS instead of La Liga. What is certain is that this is publicity genius at its best.

Via: The Dirty Tackle

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