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Good Fucking Design Advice

A couple of guys start a project intended to provide designers with advice and encouragement. Though it may not sound like anything extraordinary on paper the execution of the project is something to be noted. So if you know anyone in need of some friendly encouragement, just send them over to GFDA. They will take it from there.

G.F.D.A. / The Passion Project from Alexander on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Viva Futbol #75

Just in time for the weekend.

Via: The Offside Rules

Fantastic Song by DYE, Called “Fantasy” – (NSFW)

The sound is great.
The animation is awesome.

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San Marino Soccer

Great article for soccer geeks anywhere. If you have never heard about San Marino this is worth a read. San Marino is he smallest country that is recognized by FIFA. A community of 30,000 people located in a mountainous region inside Italy’s borders, it has won one game, and lost 106.

KEI KAMARA: Soccer in Salone

There is a documentary in the works, this one focuses on footballer Kei Kamara, and his home country of Sierra Leone. The footage looks fantastic.

KEI KAMARA: Soccer in Salone from chad walker on Vimeo.

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Me van a tener que disculpar

This post is dedicated mostly to my Argentine friends, and then anyone else capable of understanding the Castilla vernacular. I would love to have a translation to this beautiful piece of literature, but I do not.

Rest assured that if I ever find a translation I will post it again.

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3411, Number of Passes Made by Xavi Last Season

I love seeing stats like these, clear evidence of Barcelona’s secret to success. Their soccer philosophy. If you are not sure what I’m referring to go check out these interesting excerpts from an interview with Xavi Hernandez.

I found this stat on the blog of the most hardcore Lionel Messi fans I have seen on line. Shannon is a 19 year old girl South African girl who will marry Messi one day. Given that she claims she will hurt anyone who uses images of her blog without proper disclosure about their origin I want to make sure it is clear that this image came from Messi Love Tumblr.

Via: Invent Football, Messi Love

Illustrated Soccer Portraits by Stanley Chow

Stanley Chow is a prolific Illustrator.
For at look at his soccer collection visit his soccer prints store.

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Kaka Scores

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka do their thing.

szólj hozzá: Real Madrid 2-0 Betis

Via: The Original Winger

Illustrations by Fabian Ciraolo

Check out the illustration work of Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo, pretty neat stuff. Many more on his blog.

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