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Enrique Metinides, Photographer

Mexican tabloid photographer Enrique Metinides turns images of graphic violence into cinematic photographs. Given the subject matter it feels strange to write this, but I find a subtle poetic quality in many of the photographs.

Moby, Animated Music Video

Deb Pang Davis, Artist

These soccer balls are the handy work of Deb Pang, a creative entrepreneur, art director and self described photo lab rat. They are neat, and deserve our undivided attention. Thank you.

Via: Invent Football, Wong Wong

Invent Football

Just found yet another website that focuses on the more creative aspects of soccer, Invent Football. Though they claim not to be a blog the site does have a bloggish feel to it. Go check it out!

Via: Wong Wong

Manchester United vs Chelsea 3-1 All Goals & Highlights

Barcelona 8-0 Osasuna Goals Highlights

The Creators Project Features Michael Stipe

Like most people I thought of Michael Stipe only as an awesome musician. Little did I know Mr. Stipe has always been a multidisciplinary creative powerhouse. If you want to know more just check out this interview from The Creators Project.

Via: Vice

!Live Strong!

100 Years of age, over 7 marathons under his belt, an epic beard, and a sponsorship from Adidas, Mr. Singh is a living inspiration to anyone who aspires to stay healthy and active as long as humanly possible. His secret, “eating healthy vegetarian meals, drinking copious amounts of ginger tea and thinking positively.”

Four Years Ago…

It is almost four years ago since I visited Costa Rica last. This is a few minutes of one of the most fun games we enjoyed at the beach in Samara. Click on this entry to see more of the videos we shot during our trip.

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CR7 a 10 Minute Interview from Sky Sports

And now for the CR7 fans, an interview with the most expensive player in the world. Quite boring in my opinion, but look out for the awesome high speed camera footage of breaking glass.

Via: Futbolita