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Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Soccer on TV

The USA opens its Women’s World Cup campaign on Tuesday morning when it faces North Korea. At the U-17 World Cup, the USA meets Germany in the round of 16 on Thursday.

(All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Check your local listings.)
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ESPN presents HERoics

Building on the success of their previous documentary series 30 for 30, ESPN will be showing six short documentaries about women in soccer during the WWC 2011.

"ESPN will present HERoics, a series of six short documentaries chronicling women’s courage, perseverance, breaking through barriers, failure and redemption, as part of its unprecedented coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011".

The Womens World Cup 2011, Soccer Without the Drama

The most notable difference between men and women soccer is that, more often than not women play the game with a sense of dignity rarely seen in their men counterparts. Take the diving, the crying, and the complaining out of the game and the result is some of the finest soccer in the world.

If you need any more reasons to watch try ESPN’s Ten Reasons to Watch the WCC.

Kicking + Screening – The Soccer Film Festival

When – July 20 – 23
Where – New York City
Why – Check out the three trailers below:

Argentina Futbol Club

Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story

Soka Afrika

Palabra Futbolista Blog

Palabra Futbolista is a graphic design project created by artist Arturo GV. Arturo created a series of poster style graphics of soccer icons and added quotes by each of them. As cool as these posters look, the most interesting thing about them is that the quotes some times reveal aspects of the players few people are aware of. Most notably is the case of Eric Cantona’s quote  “the system must be destroyed starting with the banks”.

The context of this quote is important. It is an excerpt from an interview he did in October 8. The interview was later used as part of the campaign for the December 7, 2010 Accion Revolucionaria, a protests against the banking industry.

In the interview Cantona talks about how public demonstrations on the street are no longer the most effective way to bring about social change. He says that the banks are the pillars that support the system, and because of this a much more effective strategy would be for people to move their money out of the banks.

How cool is it to find out that your favorite soccer player has an interest and understanding of subjects outside of soccer, like social justice. Had it not been for this poster I would have never known.

I have only been able to find Cantona’s interview translated to Spanish. I am not sure one exists with English subtitles.

The other posters by Arturo GV can be found either in the Palabra de Futbolista blog or on his portfolio homepage.

Soccer n TV – By Soccer America

FRIDAY, June 17

MLS KANSAS CITY-SAN JOSE (live) 8:30 pm.

MLS KANSAS CITY-SAN JOSE (live) 8:30 pm.



UEFA U-21 ICELAND-DENMARK (live) 2:30 pm.
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The Most Hardcore Giggs Fan

Giggs til I die, literary.

Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

Advertisement Sunday, June 5, 2011


Soccer on TV

The U.S. women face Mexico in a friendly on Sunday, which is also when the Gold Cup kicks off.

(All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Check your local listings.)

SUNDAY, June 5

International Friendly POLAND-ARGENTINA (live) 10:55 am.
Women’s International Friendly USA-MEXICO (live) 2 pm.
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Kellam Clark Building Lab

Unique furniture pieces, a cool work space, and a bad ass suit. This is Kellam Clark’s studio.