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Photography – U.S. Library of Congress digital archives

I have been a huge fan of the Library of Congress digital archives ever since my colleague Aaron Rix introduced me to the site. There you will find what has been digitized out of the amazing collection of photographs, newspapers, and other historic documents.

During my last search I came across this curious group of photos of hippies playing soccer, by American photographer Gedney William Gale. These photos were taken in London, 1974.

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Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

THURSDAY, November 25

Copa Sudamericana Semifinal INDEPENDIENTE-QUITO (live) 7:30 pm.
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Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

TUESDAY, November 23

UEFA Champions League CHELSEA-MSK ZILINA (live) 2:30 pm.

UEFA Champions League BRAGA-ARSENAL (live) 2:30 pm.
UEFA Champions League AJAX-REAL MADRID (delay) 5 pm.
UEFA Champions League CHELSEA-MSK ZILINA (delay) 7 pm.

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Reuters – Best photographs of 2010

A collection of the best photographs of the year by Reuters.

The Entrepreneurial Renaissance Pt.1

Is it me or does it seem like everywhere you look there is a youngster with a vision, an idea for some project, and more importantly they are actively working on making it happen? This while we’re reminded every day that our country remains in the midst of the worst recession in its history. Am I missing something? Or are we also in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance?

Twenty years ago we were labeled the slacker generation. Mtv gave us a Beavis and Butthead while movies like Clerks, Slacker and Mall Rats explored the lives of a cynical, directionless, and apathetic youth. A lot has changed since then. The media monopoly has been crippled. The internet has allowed the masses to take control of the message and so we have. We are no longer just media consumers. We are the broadcasters, the writers, the content creators. And so we started telling each other what we are up to, and it is not slacking off.

Others are taking notice. The emergence of websites like The 99 Percent, and The Creators Project, that are solely dedicated to feature, celebrate and nurture creativity and the entrepreneurial drive make a solid case for my argument. We are in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance. The internet has provided a platform for creative types and entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences. These stories of entrepreneurship have gone viral and served to inspire others to go from idea to execution as well.

In this blog post I will share four of the stories of creativity and entrepreneurship I have found. Because there is so many compelling stories of this type out there I decided to split them in parts and blog about them regularly.

Detroit Lives
The only media article I have found about the people who are turning this great American city around.

Surfy Surfy
With an emphasis on fine craftsmanship, art, and the soul of surfing Surfy Surfy reinvents the surf shop business model.

J.P. of SURFY SURFY-InnerViews from on Vimeo.

The Mast Brothers
Ever wondered why the finest chocolate seems to be always from Europe? The Mast brothers may very well change that soon.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

Rockaway Taco
How does a taco shop sets itself apart from other fast food type eateries? Try a sense of responsibility to its community and a family atmosphere.

Rockaway Taco, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

Favela World Cup – a documentary

Growing up in Puerto Rico sometimes I would go to one of the many housing projects to visit my cousins. To many, these housing projects are known only as drug trafficking hubs inhabited by criminal elements. To anyone who has had the opportunity to spend time in any of them these are the places where the strongest sense of community can be observed. This is why I have always been fascinated by the favelas of Brazil. They remind me of the housing project from my childhood, but on a massive scale. Watching this trailer I see the same sense of community among the people. A place that, if you grow up there, everyone will know your name and your neighbors become your extended family.

‘Favela World Cup’ promo from Favela World Cup on Vimeo.

Bazooka portable goal – Do want

I can’t wait to see a 6ft. version of this remarkable design. Almost as remarkable as the goal itself is the fact that the marketing video was shot with an iPhone4.

Bazooka Goal – for ISPO Brand New awards 2011 from Morten D on Vimeo.

Via: The Offside Rules

Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

Soccer on TV

The MLS Cup finalists will be determined this weekend in semifinals on Saturday (9:30 pm ET) and Sunday (9 pm ET).

(All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Check your local listings.)

SATURDAY, November 13

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Hold Fast | Stories of maniac sailors, anarchist cast aways, and the voyage of S/V Pestilence

For sailors, or anyone curious about sailing, the following is a compelling narrative about life at sea, a brief history of sailing, and what can be accomplished on a tight budget and cheer determination.

Hold Fast from Moxie Marlinspike on Vimeo.

Via: Fecal Face

Local Motors | Rally Fighter

Local Motors is a new car company with a new approach to car manufacturing. They call their method Open Source because it allows for an on line community to provide and share design ideas, many of which were implemented on their first project, the Rally Fighter. It’s hard not to be excited about a small American outfit who aspires to compete with the likes of Toyota, VW and Ford.

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