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Soccer Ball Design – The Template Files

Since the start of PASSPORT some of my friends have expressed interest in designing a soccer ball themselves. Because of this I decided to do a step by step tutorial that will hopefully provide an artist with a framework to get started right away. I will provide you with the template files I used as well as a 3D model of a soccer ball that will allow you to see an accurate representation of your design.

This instructions assume the artist is versed in Photoshop, Illustrator and a 3D application of his/her choosing. Though in depth knowledge of a 3D application is not required the artist should be capable of opening the passportBall.OBJ file and know how to assign a texture to it.

Step 1. Download the necessary files
Right click and Save Link As to download these 3 files.

passportTemplate.PDF This is your working illustrator file.
passportBall.OBJ This is the 3D soccer ball model.
passportTexture.TIF This is the texture map you will apply to your model in the 3d application.

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Campaign to get 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup to the U.S.

The campaign to get the the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup is under way. Now it is up to us to make it happen.

Start out by visiting and sign the petition.

On your cell phones text BID to 22442

IDN 100th issue

I have loved magazines ever since I was a child. This fascination probably had something to do with my decision of becoming an artist. Among the thousands of magazines I have come across few have had the impact IDN has. I remember vividly how, an art student, I longed for the day I would be able to afford my own subscription as a professional. Today I treasure every issue of IDN as much as I did as a student. In a rare cases I will give one to a colleague|friend in search for inspiration, though I try not resorting to such drastic measures.

IdN 100th Issue Project from Kultnation on Vimeo.

With this we would like to congratulate IDN on it’s 100th issue. We look forward to one hundred more.
Visit the IDN home page and to view more animation shorts and motion graphic pieces that celebrate issue 100.

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Homeless World Cup 2010 Under Way in Rio

The Homeless World Cup 2010 just got under way in Rio Brazil. This is a tournament that brings attention to the problem of homelessness at an international level. The tournament has grown steadily in size and popularity since it began in 2003. This year 64 nationalities will be represented.

Check out this year’s slick commercial for the tournament:

Dying Bravely – a USMNT Video Montage

So far I have not been able to find out much about the author of this video montage. I do know it has gone viral, and for good a reason. The emotional tone and production quality does justice to the fantastic story it tells. So whoever you are out there, thank you very much for this.

Via: The Offside Rules

Why the MLS keeps losing athletes to the NFL. An interview with Chad Ochocinco

<a href=";brand=foxsports&#038;from=foxsports_en-us_videocentral&#038;vid=923e4d20-2f00-49cb-8da3-95631f1729ae" target="_new" title="Soccer Talk Live: Chad Ochocinco">Video: Soccer Talk Live: Chad Ochocinco</a>

This interview sheds some light on the circumstances that lead many athletes on a certain career path. Note that I had no idea who Chad Ochocinco was before I heard this interview. Now I consider him to be my favorite NFL player.

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Viva Futbol mix #59 by Alarazboy

Get pumped and go play!

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Brought Superior 1800 concept by Yutaka Igarashi

At the time I’m writing this the name Yutaka Igarashi does not yet have a Wikipedia entry. In fact the only information I’ve been able to find out about her is the three statements in the profile section of her homepage:

She was born on 1977 in Japan.
Currently working in the sawmill.
And she is partially color-blind.

It seems Igarashi prefers to let her work speak for itself, and it does so loud, clearly, and with authority.

Among her design concepts I found the Brought Superior 1800 to be most notable, both as successful design in it’s own merit, as well as a contemporary interpretation of the legendary English motorrad pictured below.

1928 Brough Superior SS100 Special

1928 Brough Superior SS100 Special

Brought Superior 1800 concept - 2008

This concept seamlessly blends European design elements with Japanese Manga, allowing them to coexist harmoniously. By taking on the task of redesigning one of the most beautiful motorcycles in history, obtaining critical acclaim doing so, while all along working in a sawmill, so Igarashi has become in my eyes one of the most intriguing designers of our time.

Soccer on TV – By Soccer America

THURSDAY, September 9



Women’s College
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Pelada – follow up

A few months ago we covered Pelada, an independent soccer documentary that is now making the rounds in theaters across the nation. Glancing at their home page again tonight I was very pleased to see how successful they have been in communicating their message. “There is another side of soccer

Diane Scavuzzo from Soccer Nation, asked Gwendolyn Oxenham to write up her story, that which led to the creation of this documentary, and so she did.

If you, like me, happen to have missed the live screening in your area you can obtain the DVD on their website.