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St. Pauli on CNN Football Fanzone

When I wrote the last blog entry about St. Palui I was not aware that they would play in the Bundesliga this season. CNN’s Football Fanzone has an interesting article, photos and a video for anyone who cares to learn more about the subversive culture of this club.

Via: CNN Football Fanzone

PASSPORT in Football Freestyle

I was pretty stoked to find an article about PASSPORT on Russian soccer blog Football Freestyle. Though I can’t understand a word in the article this is quite flattering.

Summer Camp – Round the Moon

Eight seconds into this video is all it took for Summer Camp to get my attention. This is a boy-girl duo based in London. It is rumored that their names are Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. That’s about all I, or anyone else, has been able to find out about them so far, and the band has made no comment so far.

What we do know is that someone is making some clever choices in the way the band is crafting its image, and the vibe of its music, with videos, and released photographs of teenagers in the 70s. The footage from Round the Moon is from a classic Swedish film from 1970 titled En kärlekshistoria, or A Swedish Love Story.

SUMMER CAMP – Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

St. Pauli 2010 – 2011 Jersey

To say that i was impressed when I first saw this jersey would be an understatement. I had not ever heard about FC St. Pauli when I saw it. That had to change quickly. This jersey stands apart from the logo polluted kits most clubs jam down our throats every week. Not only it is beautiful to look at, it has substance. The designer employed photographic elements and images from important moments in the team’s history.

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Soccer City, and the architects behind the project

A few months ago the world came together once again to witness another World Cup. From among the ten stadiums that served to host the games, Soccer City stands apart as the most iconic arena of the event. This project is credited to a colaboration between global architecture outfit called Populous, an local architecture studio Boogertman Urban Edge.

The original design concept for Soccer City was inspired by the form of an African melting pot, or ‘Calabash’, and by traditional African pottery. The organic form was complimented by a rich palette of traditional African hues well suited for the landscape.

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Soccer on TV – by Soccer America

Soccer on TV

The midweek includes UEFA Champions League and Concacaf Champions League games. The Libertadores Cup title will be decided on Wednesday. Chicago hosts New England in MLS action on Wednesday.

(All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Check your local listings.

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! Thank you !

I’d like to take the time to thank our friends for all the support you’ve given us since we started the PASSPORT venture. Thank you for your emails, opinions, comments and words of encouragement. PASSPORT is the result of 6+ years of pickup games, a few trips over seas, enough beers to forget how many, and too many good times to count them. All in the company of great friends.
Thank you.


Munich – Made in Barcelona

During my trip to Spain I was keeping an eye out for shoes, particularly brands and models one might not be able to find in the USA. It didn’t take long before something caught my eye.

Munich is an athletic footwear company based in Barcelona. Within Munich you will find 2 basic types of shoe products, their sports line and their fashion oriented line, both of which offer an extensive variety of styles. Unfortunately this was the last available pair of the specific model Gresca I wanted, and it happened to be one size too small. Not only that, this Gresca belongs to the 2009 collection and has been permanently removed from the Munich catalog.

Munich Gresca
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The work of motion designer Matthew McDonald

Motion designer and Arsenal supporter Matthew McDonald has a knack for turning video footage into emotive art. In his blog you will find a vast variety of work, evidence of his creative drive. If his work alone does not serve to inspire you check out the very first entry of his blog:
I was laid off last week. What better way to get over it than by creating a new blog? Expect a creative flushing of pent up excitement, fear and wonder. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday I should create something new.

Disneyland-2010 from Matt McDonald on Vimeo.

Architecture in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia – Travel photos

Designed by by Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) Sagrada Familia is probably the most iconic building in Barcelona. Its construction began in 1882 under architect Francesc del Villar. A year later he resigned and Gaudi was appointed architect. Gaudi redesigned the project entirely.

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