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2010 Fine Art

2010 Fine Art is two art exhibits, an international and an African collection, with the World Cup 2010 as a central theme. The purpose of the exhibit is to promote contemporary African art, as well as to challenge traditional stereotypes associated with it.

Via: David Jianti

Africa Journal – Anjali Nayar’s Journey Continues

While continuing to follow Anjali Nayar’s journey I just came across some video content on the Africa Journal Facebook page. A seasoned correspondent in Africa, Anjali contrasts the significance of the 1st World Cup hosted in African soil with the socioeconomic realities its people face.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on what the count down for the World Cup 2010 is like in Africa, Anjali’s journey is a must follow.
The blog

“Canadian journalist Anjali Nayar is travelling across Africa by train, bus and foot (and when necessary by plane), and will arrive in South Africa just before the World Cup. Along the way, Anjali will tell the continent’s stories through its favourite sport: soccer.

For the trip, Anjali will bring only the essentials on her back (camera, flip video, computer) and in her hand – a soccer ball. Every day, Anjali will play soccer, whether she’s on the beaches of Accra or stuck in one of Lagos’ impenetrable traffic jams. Sometimes she’ll play with children in the sprawling slums and refugee camps, other times she’ll play with adults in the rich diplomatic quarters of major cities.

Through her Destination: South Africa blog, Anjali hopes readers will discover Africa and what the World Cup and the game of soccer means to the continent.”

I Scored a Goal in the FIFA World Cup Finals

ESPN has put together a series stories in a short documentary format titled I scored a goal in the FIFA World Cup finals. The stories are narrated by the players themselves and go as far back as 1950. A must watch for soccer historians and anyone curious about the personalities in this exclusive club.

Puma Employs Syrup NYC for Global Campaign

Puma employed Syrup NYC to help develop concepts for its multiple campaigns. The result is a series of elegant commercial spots, posters, photographs, billboards and other media, all with a central theme, the Love of Soccer.

PUMA – Global Campaign
PUMA – Journey of Football
PUMA – Of The Same Earth
PUMA French Ball
Power of Football

Two World Wars and One World Cup

Still trying to find out who’s behind the production of this clever spot for MTN South Africa. What I do know is that it has gone viral and even has it’s own Facebook page.
It is worth noting that not all Germans will necessarily find it humorous.
“It is considered particularly inflammatory to Germany. In 2006 the Government of the UK cautioned fans travelling to Germany for the World Cup to refrain from taunting the locals with this tune”

The Dirty Sanchez Bros. Visit Wayne Rooney

I won’t even try to describe the content of this spot, brought to us by Nike:

Write the Future – Teasers

Short teasers based on the Write the Future concept.

Nike Write the Future – Full Lenght Version

The flood gates are now open and World Cup 2010 commercials are in full swing around the globe.

Write the Future is just what you would expect from Nike. Directed by Alejandro G. Iñarritu and produced by W+K Amsterdam this spot focuses on those moments in time in which history is written. A simple concept tastefully crafted. Shorter spots based on the same concept will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

Via: Motionographer

Arkitip and UNDFTD Jersey for AdiCup 2010

Arkitip art magazine and UNDFTD collaborate to create this stylish jersey to celebrate the AdiCup 2010.

The AdiCup NYC 2010

This weekend the Big Apple will hosts again the AdiCup, one of the most colorful soccer tournaments you´ll ever find. Formerly known as the Fan-atic, this 5 aside tournament has been taking place since 2002.

“Featuring local tournaments in NYC, Tokyo, Berlin and London – each based around teams comprised from local fashionistas, the media, musicians, design collectives, influencers, blaggers, chancers and friends of the local adidas trend managers.”

Among the many teams participating this year you will find representations by creative powerhouses such as PsyOp, Syrup, UNDFTD, Fader magazine, Vice magazine.

Via: TheOffSideRules