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Space Monkey

Space Monkey is a compelling narrative about coming home. This is a successful collaboration between World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ben Lee and Leo Burnett. I love seeing talent of this caliber coming together to take on environmental issues with a fresh perspective.

Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo.

Football Made in Africa

Football Made in Africa is a project by Take Five, a Belgium based creative group. With Soccer as a central theme, Football Made in Africa provides yet another glimpse into life of ordinary people in Africa. The content is in the form of 30 videos, each of them 1 minute and 30 seconds long. Do not overlook the collection of photographs or their music selections.

Via: AfriGadget, Rob Rhyne

Anjali Nayar’s journey to South Africa

Canadian journalist Anjali Nayar is documenting her journey as she travels through the African continent. Her final destination being South Africa and the 2010 World Cup. A player herself, Anjali has compiled an impressive collection of photographs while allowing herself time to play on a daily basis.

Anyone can follow Anjali’s journey through her twitter page and/or her blog. She even encourages readers to send her suggestions about people and places to visit. We wish Anjali all the best during her trip, and thank her for sharing her experiences with us.

“Canadian journalist Anjali Nayar is travelling across Africa by train, bus and foot (and when necessary by plane), and will arrive in South Africa just before the World Cup. Along the way, Anjali will tell the continent’s stories through its favourite sport: soccer.

For the trip, Anjali will bring only the essentials on her back (camera, flip video, computer) and in her hand – a soccer ball. Every day, Anjali will play soccer, whether she’s on the beaches of Accra or stuck in one of Lagos’ impenetrable traffic jams. Sometimes she’ll play with children in the sprawling slums and refugee camps, other times she’ll play with adults in the rich diplomatic quarters of major cities.

Through her Destination: South Africa blog, Anjali hopes readers will discover Africa and what the World Cup and the game of soccer means to the continent.”

Film Makers Entertainment

This short featuring Vincent Alvarez was created for Lakai by Film Makers Entertainment, an Italian production company. Among the many projects they featured on their homepage the skateboarding videos have a certain surreal dream like quality that I found very compelling.

Also be sure to check out the Easy Steady Music Video, Lakai Night and Lakai commercial.

Boxed Water, Part Sustainable Water Company, Part Art Project

Most of us are aware of the impact plastics are havingon the environment, particularly our oceans. Boxed Water is a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. Not only is Boxed Water friendly to the environment, it is also package design at its finest.

David Jianty

World Cup 2010 Official Theme Song

Yet another commercial sent to us by, el Señor Felipe. A great juxtaposition of some our favorite players with some our favorite African animals. Featuring the official theme song of the World cup.

Via Señor Felipe.

To my Argentine Friends

As the World Cup approaches the momentum builds up all around the world.
Stay tuned for many many many more fantastic commercials to come over the next few months.

Via el Señor Felipe

Little Feet

Our buddy David sent us a link to Little and we liked it. For every soccer ball you buy from Little Feet they will give one soccer ball to a child in need. Simple as that.
As if giving away free soccer balls to children in need isn’t cool enough there is a documentary in the works titled Little Feet Big Goals. Judging by the trailer there is some seriously talented folks behind this movie. I can’t wait for this to come out.

Via: David Jianti

The Passport Soccer Blog has moved!

Hello and thank you for visiting the new home of the Passport Soccer blog. Over the next few weeks we hope to begin to showcase photos of our 1st design series of soccer balls.

Having said that we have a lot on our plate as the date of our website launch approaches. We will do our best to keep our blog as active as possible during this time.