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Audi Commercial Spot

Something about this spot reminded me of the BMW – Audi billboard adds in Santa Monica last year. Created by Venables Bell & Partners this commercial strikes back at BMW with humor and elegance.

Audi TV Ad, Friendly Competition from GTspirit on Vimeo.

Nike Commercial Spot

This spot was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy for Nike.
Good work.

Via: monkeyzen

Harvest by Haroshi "Skate and Destroy"

Some of the sculptures on this exhibit are just incredible.
Japanese artists taking recycled art to another level:

Via: hypebeast

Agent Introduces the CTRUS Soccer Ball

A design studio called Agent intends to change the way we think about soccer balls. After looking at their home page the only thing I can tell about the Agent design group is that they are as talented as they are secretive.

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FIFA Slashes World Cup Soccer Ticket Price to South Africans

Security concerns vs. accessibility. It´s a balancing act for FIFA this summer.

The Making of Jabulani

This is some high tech production. If you care to put it in perspective check out this previous post about the evolution of soccer balls.

Hipster Puppies

Narcissist dogs and clever quotes will surely make this blog a favorite of many.

“falcor begrudgingly explained to his mom that wearing girl’s jeans doesn’t make him gay.”

“lucky thinks this unagi is too salty, and he knows because he lived in japan for a month”

Lectures on Line

One of my favorite things to seek out on line has always been lectures. Luckily there seems to be no shortage of lectures on all sorts of subjects. Here’s some of the sites I visit when I’m looking for interesting and/or inspiring lectures:

COFA talks
the 99%

Here´s one of my favorites

Another Milestone for Soccer in the U.S.

“The European Champions League final, the world’s most widely viewed club-soccer match, will be shown on U.S. broadcast television for the first time this year when it airs on Fox from Madrid on May 22. Various sports are seeking a wider global footprint: Sunday’s Super Bowl was carried live on Britain’s BBC. Fox had originally planned to air the match on its FX cable channel.”

Yet another sign of the rise in popularity of soccer in the United States.

Die Antwoord

I just came across this group from South Africa called Die Antwoord. Their website features what they refer to as “next level beats and gangsta skill lyrics”. I love the photography work. Be sure to check out the secret chamber.