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The Fun Theory

This video made me wonder if architecture schools happen to have a class in their curriculum that deals with “fun” as a legitimate factor to be considered in design. I love the concept, and makes for a brilliant add campaign.

Jonathan Bornstein, Honduras National Hero

This is a curious story. How does a gol by Jonathan Bornstein on Oct 4 2009, USA v. Costa Rica, propels him to national hero in Honduras?

Arash Markazi has the story.

MachoTailDrop, a Skateboarding Movie

The one thing that can be said about this trailer is that it was beautifully shot. I really hope the movie is as funny as its title.


Found via TheOffsideRules.

As ridiculous as this may sound, ever since I found this video I have not been able to stop playing it to myself multiple times over. Great montage of passionate and colorful South African fans. If anyone has a clue about who plays this track please please please let me know.

Suppotas from Eject Media on Vimeo.

Sneak Peak at Facebook Offices

I just ran into this article about Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto CA. To say this is a nice place would be an understatement.

Eurosport Rallies to Collect Funds

100% of the proceeds will go to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Please click.

Soccer in Africa

My good friend David just emailed me this article about Soccer in Africa. The article is worth a read but if you don’t have the time the photo gallery is a MUST see.