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“Soccernomics” by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski (Nation Books)

I keep seeing this book being reviewed everywhere.
Enough so that I now feel compelled to buy it.
Market place review
The offside rules review

Female Wrestling in Bolivia

Fighting Cholitas is a documentary about female wrestlers in Bolivia. The promo videos for the movie are awesome. The girls seem to be having a blast. Check it out.

About Running, and Running Barefoot

Every so often at a pick up game I notice someone playing barefoot. Usualy the Brasilian guy. 🙂 Unless everyone else is playing barefoot I think this is crazy. Christopher McDougall makes an argument for barefoot running, something I had never heard about. He touches on some interesting topics such as the zen of running, and running as a means of becoming a better person. Insert the word soccer instead of running and we are good to go.